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When the public opinion thinks about scientists and above all physicists, it has the idea that scientists have to be grey-hair-nerdy-asocial-whatever kind of guys. That is wrong, like the stereotype that Italian guys are "mammoni" (see Biography)!


Most of us are really social and do actually lots of indoor and outdoor activities. Matter of fact, I love to practice sports and be outdoor and enjoy nature! I have been studied "you (Nature)" for a decade, let's be closer! Right?!

Personally I love to go hiking, skiing, camping and do some indoor activities, such as Capoeira. I also like travelling around the world and meet new cultures!

Enjoy some pictures of the latest trips!

Crazy skier (Geilo, 2010)

Driving a snow-scooter (Svalbard, 2008)

Northern Lights (Svalbard, 2008)

Northern Lights (Svalbard, 2008)


Washington State, visiting UW (2009)

Mt. Rainier 14411 ft (4392 m, WA, 2009)

Digging a snow cave for the night!

The snowcavemen!


Arizona (2009)

Gran Canyon West Rim (2009)


Workshop in Colorado (2008)

Hiking (Estes Cone,CO, 2008)

Keep hiking no matter the weather!

We made it! 11006 ft (3355 m)

Scientific BBQ (CO, 2008)

Close encounter (CO, 2008)

Longs peak 14255 ft (4344 m, CO, 2008)

After the workshop (S.Francisco, 2008)

No further comments (S.Francisco, 2008)

Golden Gate (S.Francisco, 2008)

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