Outreach Activities

Scientists must also be ambassadors!

01/2019 Interviewed by Correiro Braziliense (in Portughese)

03/2017 Interviewed by BBC Mundo (in Spanish)


03/2017 Interviewed by Swedish national radio (Vetenskapsradion - radio science) from minute 33 and 30 seconds. And a short news (in Swedish)


07/2015 Messori, G. and Pausata, F.S.R. “Gabriele e Francesco, alla conquista della meteorologia scandinava”. NimbusIn May 2010 I was invited to give a lecture to an elementary school (4th and 5th grade) about climate change. Here below is the power point presentation and the test the kids were supposed to give to their parents in order to evaluate their parent's knowledge about climate change. The files are both in Italian, but soon an english version of the test will be available. Feel free to take the test and ask me either for directly correct it or just the correct answers.



TEST (in Italian)

TEST (in English)


During my stay at the University of Washington (Jan-Aug 2009) I have been involved in outreach activities, for example showing elementary school kids the power of the air pressure in crashing an empty can (see here)!


In January 2009 I was an invited guest for an Italian TV-program (Meteo-weekend on Telefriuli), tackling the global warming issue and the Artic sea ice retreat.

Here are the links of the program (in Italian):




During my master (2005-2006) I have been trying to make high school student more familiar with meteorology, showing them how "we measure" the weather, how we forecast it and all the cool stuff, regarding the weather.


In 2005 I was part of the organizing committee for the World Year of Physics at the University of Bologna