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Current research group

Previous students and postdoctoral fellows

           Samaneh Ashraf (Postdoctoral fellow 2021 - 2023) now research associate at University of Montreal

Chiara Ghielmini ( student in 2022) now master student at ETH - Zurich

Benjamin Ward Soucy ( student in 2020) now master student at McGill University

Samuel Dandoy ( student in 2020) now meteorologist at Environment and Climate Change Canada

Marie Rossignol ( student in 2019) now working in France

Gabriel Servranckx ( student in 2019) now meteorologist at Environment and Climate Change Canada

  • Dust impacts and Vegetation influence on Climate  

         Shivangi Tiwari (Ph.D. student, co-advised with Profs. Anne de Vernal and Hugo Beltrami)

         Roberto Ingrosso (Ph.D. student, co-advised with Prof. Matthieu Boudrault)

         Meisam Heidari (Ph.D. student, co-advised with Prof. Hugo Beltrami)

         Xiner Wu (Ph.D. student, co-advised with Prof. Anne de Vernal)

        Mikel Alba Castell ( student)

  • Last Deglaciation and the role of the Fennoscandian Icesheet

         Isma Abdelkader Di Carlo (Post-doctoral fellow)

        Costanza del Gobbo (Post-doctoral fellow)

  • Nuclear war

        Zhihong Zhuo (Post-doctoral fellow)

        Marguerite Brown (Post-doctoral fellow)

  • Forest fires and their role on climate 

         Md Razib Vhuiyan (PhD student - collaboration with Environment and Climate Change Canada)

  • ​Tropical cyclones and climate change

       Aude Garin ( student)


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