Work experience

Assistant Professor
Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, University of Quebec in Montreal, Montreal, CANADA
2017/06 - to date
Research Scientist
Department of Meteorology, Stockholm University, Stockholm, SWEDEN
2016/01 - 2017/09

As an independent research program, I design and implement all aspects of my own agenda. My current work seeks to understand climate dynamics changes associated to high-latitude volcanic eruptions using coupled and uncoupled climate models as well as associated to the Sahara greening between 15-5 kyr BP.

Visiting Scientist
Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, University of Alberta, Edmonton, CANADA
2016/05 - 2016/09
Collaboration with Profs. Paul Myers and Andrew B.G. Bush.
Teaching Assistant
Department of Meteorology, Stockholm University, Stockholm, SWEDEN

​2015 - 2017

I co-taught a course in Earth System Modeling.

​I helped developing laboratory experiments for bachelor course in Physics and an internet based course in Climate Science (undergraduate level).

Postdoctoral Researcher
Department of Meteorology, Stockholm University, Stockholm, SWEDEN

2014 - 2015

As an independent research program, I designed and implemented all aspects of my own agenda. My current work seeks to understand climate dynamics changes associated to high-latitude volcanic eruptions using coupled and uncoupled climate models.


Postdoctoral Researcher
European Commission - Joint Research Centre, ITALY

​2011 - 2013

​Led efforts to examine the impacts of atmospheric circulation changes onto air-quality and how changes in antropogenic aerosol emissions can impact atmospheric circulation.


Research Fellow
Geophysical Institute University of Bergen, Bergen, NORWAY

​2010 (Aug - Dec)

I continued my PhD research on interpreting proxy records using climate models.


Visiting Scientist
Department of Atmospheric Sciences, University of Washington, Seattle, USA
2009/01 - 2009/08

As part of my PhD I spent 8 months at the Univ. of Washington working closely with Prof. David S. Battisti

Laboratory Assistant
University of Bologna, Bologna, ITALY

​2004 - 2007

​Laboratory assistant for two Biology courses: Laboratory of computational techniques and Laboratory of Physics. In the former, I taught how to use data analysis software for purposes linked to physics. In the latter, I helped setting up different kind of experiments.


Tutor in Atmospheric Physics
University of Bologna, Bologna, ITALY

​2004 - 2006

​Tutor in Atmospheric Physics: I was point of reference for bachelor students in Atmospheric Physics.

Invited Seminars/Lectures

05/2020 Invited speakerat the Canadian Meteorological and Oceanographic Society (CMOS) 2020 Congress (Cancel due to COVID19)

10/2019 Distinguished visiting Speakers Series of the Centre for Global Change Science, University of Toronto, Toronto, Canada. Organizer: Prof. W.R. Peltier.

09/2019 Plenary talk at 13th International Conference of Paleoceanography, Sidney, Australia. ICP Organizing Committee.

08/2019 at PaleoENSO Workshop, Belitung Island, Indonesia. Organizer: Prof. Mary Elliot.

06/2019 at Centro EuroMediteranneo per i Cambiamenti Climatici, Bologna, Italy. Organizer: Dr. Silvio Gualdi.

06/2019 at University of Bergen, Bergen, Norway. Organizer: Prof. Kerim H. Nisancioglu.

06/2019 at Stockholm University, Stockholm, Sweden. Organizer: Prof. Rodrigo Caballero.

09/2018 at LandCover6ka Working Group, Sitges, Spain. Organizer: LC6ka Organizing Committee

09/2018 at University of Melbourne, Melbourne, Australia. Organizer: Prof. David Phillips

07/2018 at University of Sao Paulo, Sao Paulo, Brazil. Organizer: Prof. Pedro Diaz.

06/2018 at Centro EuroMediterraneo per i Cambiamenti Climatici, Bologna, Italy. Organizer: Dr. Silvio Gualdi.

06/2018 at Stockholm University, Stockholm, Sweden. Organizer: Prof. Rodrigo Caballero.

02/2018 at Yale University, New Haven, CT, USA. Organizer: Prof. Alexey Federov.

01/2018 at Stockholm University, Stockholm, Sweden. Organizer: Prof. Jonas Nycander.

02/2017 at Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA, USA. Organizer: Prof. Jean Lynch-Stieglitz.

11/2016 at Université du Québec à Montréal, Montreal, Canada. Organizer: Prof. Gilles Couture.

10/2016 at Laboratoire Atmosphères, Milieux, Observations Spatiales, Paris, France. Organizer: Dr. Cyrille Flamant.

06/2016 at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston, MA, USA. Organizer: Prof. David McGee.

05/2016 at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute, Woods Hole, MA, USA. Organizer: Dr. Sarah Das.

02/2016 at University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB, Canada. Organizer: Prof. Paul Myers. 

02/2016 at Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory of Columbia University, NY, USA. Organizers: Profs. Peter deMenocal, Alessandra Giannini and Katia Fernandes. 


02/2016 at Yale University, New Haven, CT, USA. Organizer: Prof. Alexey Federov. 


10/2015 at the Ice2ice workshop (On the puzzling features of Greenland ice-core isotopic composition) held in Copenhagen 26-28th October 2015.


08/2015 at Bolin Centre Summer School on Isotopes Climate and the Earth System 23-29 August 2015 Islay - Scotland (UK)


05/2015 at Université du Québec à Montréal, Montreal, Canada. Organizer: Prof. Laxmi Sushama.


05/2015 at McGill University, Montreal, Canada. Organizers: Profs. John R. Gyakum and Lawrence Mysak.


09/2014  at the “Exploratory workshops on faunal history and exploitation of seals in Northern Europe - Consequences of past climate change on evolutionary dynamics in Arctic species”. Archeology department, Stockholm University. Organizers: Dr. Aikaterini Glykou, Dr. Jan Storå, Prof. Kerstin Lidén.


03/2014 at Geophysical Institute, University of Bergen, Norway – Prof. Kerim H. Nisancioglu.


06/2013 at Finnish Meteorological Institute, Helsinki, Finland. Organizer: Prof. Ari Laaksonen.


06/2013 at Meteorological Institute, Stockholm University, Sweden. Organizer: Prof. Rodrigo Caballero.


10/2012 at Norwegian Meteorological Institute, Oslo, Norway. Organizer: Dr. habil. Michael Schulz.


09/2011 at Geophysical Institute, University of Bergen, Norway – Dr. Anders Sirevaag, organizer.


06/2010 at School of Geography, Politics & Sociology, University of Newcastle, England – Dr. Stephen Juggins, organizer.

Grants and fellowships

  • Canadian Foundation for Innovation, John R. Evans Leaders fund for research infrastructure (2020-2024): PI for the project Climate modeling past to future and teleconnections in the climate system at global and regional scale. CA$ 629 k                            

  • G&C grant (2019-2023): PI for the project Develop Systematic Understanding of the lmpacts of Forest Fires Emissions on Atmospheric Circulation and its Predictability. CA$ 140 k

  • FRQNT Program Establishement of new professor (2019-2021): PI for the project VolCLIM (Les effets de l'éruption volcanique sur le climat: le rôle de l'époque de l'année et de l'état climatique initial – Effects of volcanic eruptions on climate) CA$ 101 k

  • FRQNT Program Samuel De Champlain (2019-2021): PI for the project Évolution future de la mousson d’Afrique de l’Ouest: évaluation systématique de ses impacts climatiques régionaux et globaux – Future evolution of the West African Monsoon; collaboration grant with France. CA$ 35 k (Quebec side CA$ 18 k)

  • GEOTOP collaborative project (2019-2021): co-PI Interactions climat-végétation-océan dans le système (paléo)climatique : exemple de l’Holocène le long des marges ouest africaines – Climate-vegetation ocean interaction in the (paleo)climate system. CA 25 k

  • PI in the project DiViCLIM (Dust Impact and Vegetation Influence on CLIMate: looking to the future from a paleo perspective). Period 2018-2022. Funding agency: National Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC). Total grant awarded: CA$ 150 k

  • co-PI in the project “Hominin dispersals research group”. Period 2018-2022. Funding agency: Fonds de Recherche du Québec - Société et Culture (FRQSC). Total grant awarded: CA$ 300 k.

  • Partner PI (Sweden partnership) in the project PACMEDY (PAlaeo-Constraints on Monsoon Evolution and Dynamics) involving 17 institutions from 7 different countries. Period 2016-2019. Funding agency: BELMONT FORUM.

      Total grant awarded: US$ ~4.0 m ; Swedish partnership: CA$ ~300 k. 


  • Grant to support a 4-month research on impacts of nuclear war emissions for the supervision of a post-doctoral fellow (August-November 2014). Funding agency: the Swedish association of medical doctors against nuclear weapons.

  • Total grant awarded: CA$: ~50k


Grants to organize workshops


Paleoclimate Workshop October 20th-22nd 2014

Understanding the processes behind isotope signals in paleoclimate archives, together with modern satellite measurements and atmospheric modeling.


Main invited confirmed guests: Ulysses S. Ninnemann and Johannes Werner (University of Bergen, Norway), Valerie Masson-Delmotte (LSCE, France), Dr. Sebastian Breitenbach (ETH Zurich), Dr. Neil Loader (Swansea University, UK) and Dr. Dirk Sachse (University of Potsdam). Funds granted by the Bolin Center for Climate Research. Funds granted by International Meteorological Institute.


Volcanic Eruptions Workshop November 5th-7th 2014

High-latitude volcanic eruption and climate: filling the gaps. The outcome and modeling strategy, which were defined during this workshop was an important contribution and highly relevant for the volcanic forcing (VolMIP) initiative (initiative under consideration for aCMIP6-Endorsed MIP*).


Main invited confirmed guests: Alan Robock (Rutgers University, USA), David Battisti (University of Washington, USA), Kirstin Krüger (University of Oslo, Norway), Claudia Timmreck (Max Plank Institute, Germany), Myriam Khodri (LOCEAN/IPSL, France), Anja Schmidt (University of Leeds, UK). Funds granted by International Meteorological Institute.


* VolMIP application contributors: D. Zanchettin, C. Timmreck, M. Khodri, A. Robock, G. Hegerl, A. Schmidt, M. Toohey, F.S.R. Pausata, B. Black, O. Bothe, J.M. English, E. Gerber, H.F. Graf, A. Legrande, G. Mann, S.J. Phipps, C.C. Raible, B. Stevens, D. Swingedouw, K. Tsigaridis. More info on VolMIP: mips/505-modelling-wgcm-volmip


Università degli Studi di Bologna ARSTUD Scholarship from 2001 to 2006

Honors & Awards

WMO Professor Mariolopoulos Trust Fund Award for 2020 for the following contribution: Pausata F.S.R., Zhang, Q., Muschitiello, F., Lu, Z., Chafik, L., Niedermeyer, E.M., Stager, J.C., Cobb, K.M., and Liu, Z.: Green Sahara suppressing ENSO activity during the Mid-Holocene, Nature Communications, 2017.

European Geoscience Union (EGU) complimentary membership for 2011 for the EGU-related activities performed.


The paper “Impacts of changes in North Atlantic atmospheric circulation on particulate matter and human health in Europe” has been selected as an AGU "Research Spotlight" and to feature in Wiley’s News Round-Up.


Selection as Editor Choice feature by Science (1 July 2011 issue) of the paper “Chinese stalagmite δ18O controlled by changes in the Indian monsoon during a simulated Heinrich event.”

Academic service

  • Guest Editor for the journal Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci.

  • Associate Editor for the journal PlosOne.

  • Reviewer of manuscripts for Nature, Nature Geosci., Nature Comm., Science Advs., Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci., Atmos. Chem. Phys., Geology, Quat. Sci. Rev., Earth Planet. Sci. Lett., J. Clim., Geophys. Res. Lett., J. Geophys. Res., Clim. Past..

  • Chair the Ocean Science III session at the AGU Joint Assembly meeting in Montreal, May 2015.

  • Reviewer for National Science Foundation – USA proposals.

  • Member of the jury evaluating the PhD thesis of Gemechu Fanta Garuma (May 2019)


  • Member of the jury evaluating the PhD thesis of Ignacio Hermoso de Mendoza Naval (February 2019)


  • Member of the jury evaluating the Licentiate* thesis of Yamoah Kweku Kyei Afrifa’s (Reconstruction of the Southeast Asian hydro-climate using biomarkers and their hydrogen isotopic composition)at Stockholm University (12/01/2015).

  • Organizer or co-organizer of the following workshop:

       - On the puzzling features of Greenland ice-core isotopic composition; Copenhagen, Denmark 26-                             28 October 2015.

       - High-Latitude Volcanic Eruption Impacts on Climate: Filling the Gaps; Stockholm, Sweden, 5–7 November            2014.

       - Stable water isotopes and climate; Stockholm, Sweden, 20–22 October 2014.


* Licentiate is a degree between master and PhD in the Swedish Universities

International research projects

01/2011-12/2014 PEGASOS Pan-European Gas-AeroSOl-climate interaction Study.
My task was to investigate atmospheric circulation changes in present and future climate and the consequent impacts on air quality.


08/2010-12/2010 DecCEN Exploring Decadal to Century Scale Variability and Changes in the East Asian Climate during the last Millennium.
My task was to explore East Asian climate variability on millennial time scales.


08/2007-07/2010 ARCTREC Arctic Records of Climate Change
My task was to better understand the atmospheric dynamics of past climate changes and the implications of its changes for interpreting proxy data.

Outreach activities


07/2020 Interviewed for Le Soleil regarding 2020 summer in Quebec (in French)


04/2020 Interviewed for the VOGUE magazine regarding Sahara regreening (in English)

10/2019 Interviewed for Montreal Campus magazine (in French)


01/2019 Interviewed for Correio Braziliense (in Portuguese)


03/2017 Interviewed by BBC Mundo (in Spanish)

03/2017 Interviewed by Swedish national radio (Vetenskapsradion - radio science) from minute 33 and 30 seconds. And a short news (in Swedish)

07/2015 Messori, G. and Pausata, F.S.R. “Gabriele e Francesco, alla conquista della meteorologia scandinava”. Nimbus

05/2010 Seminar about climate change for an elementary school (4th and 5th grade)


03/2010 Weather reporter for an USA web-news  (


02/2009 Science Night at Echo Lake Elementary School in Shoreline (Seattle, WA)


01/2009 Invited guest for the TV-program “METEO WEEKEND”, Telefriuli (local Italian TV channel). Topic: Global Warming and Arctic Sea Ice retreat. Links:

Meteo Weekend (part I) and 

Meteo Weekend (part II)


2005-2006 “Open Laboratory” for high-school students

2005 Organizing Committee for the World Year of Physics at the University of Bologna

Technical skills

Numerical modeling


  • Community Earth System Model

    • CAM3iso + precipitation tagging module

    • WACCM

  • ECHAM5-HAMMOZ + slab ocean

  • Norwegian Earth System Model (NorESM)


Data analysis & visualization:


  • Matlab

  • netCDF Operators (NCO)

  • Climate Data Operators (CDO)

  • Bash/Csh

  • Fortran


Mother tongue: Italian


Foreign languages:


English: Fluent

Portuguese: Fluent

French: Advanced

Spanish: Intermediate/Advanced

Norwegian/Swedish: Basic

Francesco S.R. Pausata

DSC_0125 copy.jpg

Assistant Professor


Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

University of Quebec in Montreal (UQAM)


Ph.D in Geoscience
University of Bergen, Bergen, NORWAY

2007 - 2010


Advisor: Kerim H. Nisancioglu

Dissertation: Past climate variability: model analysis and proxy intercomparison


M.Sc. in Physics (Geophysics), with highest honours (110/110 e lode)
University of Bologna, Bologna, ITALY

​2004 - 2006


Advisor: Rolando Rizzi
Thesis: Evaluation of radiative forcing and climate change during the XX and XXI centuries by means of AOGCM


B.Sc. in Atmospheric Physics and Meteorology, with highest honours (110/110 e lode)
University of Bologna, Bologna, ITALY

​2001 - 2004


Advisor: Ennio Tosi
Thesis: Climate analysis of Friuli’s mountain region

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